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Massage at work
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Workplace Massage

We currently offer massage at several workplace wellbeing days and events as well as more regular weekly or monthly staff treats.

I look forward to my massage every week as it really sorts out my neck pain and makes me feel so good I actually look forward to coming into work!”  

We are fully insured and very experienced massage therapists, trained in Traditional Thai massage, Indian head massage and therapeutic and sports massage.

On-site massage is designed to invigorate and rejuvenate in a short space of time. The massage routine we have developed has been created to relieve mental and physical stress for hardworking office staff.

We use a combination of massage and acupressure to the head, neck & shoulders, upper back, arms & hands.

Here are some of the benefits our workplace massage can bring to you and your employees.

  • Ensures you are taking responsibility for your employee’s mental health
  • Research shows that regular massage increases productivity
  • Reduces the number of stress-related sick days
  • Helps you to meet your obligations as an employer for your employee’s health & well-being
  • Helps to improve productivity and maximise your profits
  • Boots morale and staff motivation and shows that you care about your staff
  • Alleviates symptoms of stress such as headaches and insomnia.
  • Leaves your employees feeling relaxed, revitalised and energised.
  • Reduces and prevents back pain and shoulder tension as well RSI.

Please contact us to discuss costs. We offer set day rates as well as hourly rates and we can tailor the pricing structure to suit you.