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Ongoing 6-week course at The Windmill Studio Centre, Ruislip.

Starts 8th March @ 5:45PM-6:45PM.  £65. 

Limited places so lots of individual attention.  

Please call or email to book your place: 

T: 07532 222 1833 E: 

“Accept the things we cannot change whilst believing we can overcome our limitations”  

The Ashtanga Primary series is “Yoga Chikitsa” or Yoga Therapy. It was developed in Mysore, South India and brought to the west by the Guru Sri K Pattabhi Jois.  Ashtanga is an intelligently sequenced yoga system that lengthens and tones muscles and increases mobility of the joints. It also creates exceptional core strength and the ujjayi breath practised in class energises you yet soothes your nervous system.  

I  have developed this class to allow you to enjoy the dynamic and strong practice of Ashtanga yoga but working at a slower pace. Perhaps you are starting yoga for the first time in your later years? Maybe you are managing a health condition, have a back issue, you lack strength or feel that you are exceptionally stiff?


This class will be a warm and welcoming space for you to build your confidence and develop your own personal yoga practice at your own pace. 

In Mysore, South India where Ashtanga originates the student is taught on a one to one basis but in a group setting. Everyone is taught the same postures but as we are all so different we are all taught in a slightly different way.  Ashtanga is a set sequence so over time you start to remember the sequence yourself.

This slower pace of learning allows those who have injuries, weaknesses or a health issue to work at their own pace.

It is not a gentle stretching/relaxation class. We will work hard to develop strength, resilience and mobility in the body whilst we cultivate self- confidence, focus and steadiness of mind. A bit about your teacher: I have been teaching yoga for over 8 years and I have studied extensively with the Ashtanga yoga Guru in Mysore, South India. I also practice Thai Yoga Massage, AKA Lazy man’s yoga, which is a Buddhist practice of Loving Kindness. I apply this knowledge to my teaching. I love teaching Ashtanga and sharing something that has inspired me to live life to the full!

 Everyone coming to class will be expected to complete a short health questionnaire.  Please check with your Dr or another health professional before signing up to the class. 

   To quote the Ashtanga guru “ Everyone can do Ashtanga yoga, sick person, old person, young person, very old person, One who is sick – he will gain health. One who doesn’t have strength – he will gain strength. The only person who can’t practice is the lazy man. The lazy man always has excuses.’


Book your place or get in touch to find out more.     

My Teen yoga classes have been developed with respect to the anatomical and physiological differences between teens and adults. The Teen Yoga classes give each student their own yoga practice and a safe way to exercise, create life-long healthy habits and improve self-esteem and confidence.  

Classes are dynamic, challenging, inclusive and fun! Amongst most adults who practice yoga on a regular basis there are probably only a handful who have been lucky enough to have been taught yoga as a child or Teen. If you have a regular yoga practice I’m sure you have often lamented “If only I had started this when I was young.”

Body Awareness Yoga is a great supplement to sport. It creates body awareness and can prevent injuries occurring and can help to heal existing ones. Yoga is the reason that many sports stars such as Ryan Giggs have had a long career.

Yoga is a very useful tool in highlighting the areas of strength and weakness in our bodies.Texting spine

As soon we start practicing yoga we are more aware of how we sit, stand, move or play our chosen sport.  I literally cringe when I see teenagers hunched over their iPhone or iPad! Send them to yoga! Even a weekly hour long yoga class can have a profound effect on our daily postural habits.

Anxiety and Stress Through yoga we can learn that anxiety is not useful or necessary – it’s a learned behaviour and habit that can be unlearned. The mindful movement and deep focused breathing in yoga soothes the nervous system. We learn that we can manage feelings of anxiety and replace these feelings with more positive and reasoned ones.

The teenage brain is incredibly adaptable. Practicing yoga as a young person can eliminate or reduce mental health issues. Increasingly, yoga is being used by adolescent mental health experts as part of the treatment for a variety of mental health issues

Focus- Yoga Chitti Vriti Nirodha” Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind.

Teens are subjected to more information, stimulation and noise than ever before. How can they focus and learn at school when their brains are constantly bombarded?  Their brains are becoming hardwired for instant gratification and in turn teens are becoming more impatient.

No wonder stress and anxiety levels and mental health issues are becoming the norm for teens. Yoga teaches us patience, considered actions and awareness. Teens need it more than ever! Anyone who has a regular yoga practice knows how it calms the chatter in the mind and allows clearer thinking. When trying to learn and absorb information this is so useful.

Many schools who have introduced yoga are astounded at the improvement in behaviour and teens ability to learn.

Social Conscience Yoga is not a dogma or a religion but there are codes of conduct in the Yamas and Niyamas. They are not rules but guidelines on how to live and treat yourself and others. They open to interpretation and discussion.

Discussing them with Teens is incredible! We often have the most insightful and profound conversations. Once we are aware and have brought them to life through discussion we start to incorporate them into our lives. The deeper aspects of yoga inform how we live in the world and how interact with and treat other people.

One school introduced yoga and an unexpected result of regular yoga classes was a massive reduction in bullying. Reason alone to teach yoga to teenagers.

About the author I teach yoga to adults, teens and families in schools, yoga studios and privately. I am always amazed how teens “get” yoga and I love teaching young people.








Texting spine