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Ashtanga yoga, Corporate yoga, Teen yoga and Thai Yoga Massage in North-West London
Ashtanga yoga, Teen yoga, corporate yoga and Thai Massage in North West London
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Yoga Revolution

Yoga Citta Vritti Nirodhah - Yoga is the stilling of the mind
Patanjali Yoga Sutras 1.12

Fiona discovered yoga fifteen years ago after searching for a way to ease  physical pain and discomfort brought on by intense sport and running.

“After trying a few diffierent styles it wasn’t until the first Ashtanga class that I fell in love with yoga. I thought I was strong but the strength and control the students in this class displayed was incredible. I really struggled with many of the postures and thought that I couldn’t “do” yoga.

I stuck with it and continued to be the stiffest person in class! Soon I began to understand that my negative thought patterns were having a major effect on my physical health.  “samskaras” or karmic pain in the body is often a result of toxic thoughts in the mind.

This was a revelation to me and had a profound impact on my life and my yoga practice.”

Fiona Young

Fiona Young

  • Ashtanga Yoga Class

  • £15drop in price
    • 4 consecutive classes £36
    • 6 consecutive classes £60

  • Teen Yoga Class

  • £9drop in price
    • Melissa Scott Studio drop in price: £10

  • Private Tutition

  • £60One private lesson (60min)
    • 4 private lessons: £220 (60min) 
    • 1 private lesson £65 (90min) / 4 private lessons: £240 (90min)
    • Sessions take place in your home

  • Thai Yoga Massage

  • £501 Hour
    • One and a half hours £70
    • Two hours £75


About Fiona


I completed my teacher training with Brian Cooper in 2010.

I am indebted to Brian for his dedication and passion for teaching authentic yoga.

I continue to study  at KPJAYI in Mysore, the home of Ashtanga Yoga. It’s important to me that I learn from the source and to keep the tradition of Ashtanga alive.

I am lucky enough to have practiced Ashtanga with respected teachers such as John Scott, Gingi Lee, David Williams, Kino Macgregor and Peter Sanson of whom I am humbled to have witnessed their dedication to teaching.

I am also trained to teach Teen Yoga. Teaching young adults is incredibly rewarding. Yoga is an ancient practice but it is more relevant now than ever and should be taught in every school.

Ashtanga is a strong physical practice and my Anatomy study through ITEC and Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains has proved invaluable.

I teach with compassion and respect for each individual’s needs but I always encourage people to work beyond the limitations of their mind.

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